Price (VND):


[ À Ố SHOW ]

Time: Approximately 1 hour
Departure: from 4:30 -5:00 pm
Price: VND 700,000 / Person
Transportation: Taxi

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Coming to Hoi An, you will get the chance to explore Vietnamese culture and tradition through Vietnamese Bamboo Circus.Vietnamese Bamboo Circus is an awe-inspiring performance art, that conveys the beauty of Vietnamese culture through a unity of storytelling circus, enchanting live music, and creative use of bamboo. The adventurous heart who walks into the theater for Bamboo Circus will walk out an hour later with the exhilaration they will never forget.Show time: 6:00 at Hoi An Lune Center - 1A Nguyen Phuc Chu, Hoi An Ancient Town.


Aah! {A} : 700.000 VND

Ooh! {O} : 1.150.000 VND 

Wow! {W} : 1.600.000 VND 

À Ố:  

Receiving much love and acclaims from audiences, A O Show brings on stage humorous and sophisticated stories about Vietnamese rural and urban life, through simple props, contemporary cirque and unique live music.
With more than 60 minutes A O Show, audiences are invited into a sophisticated, high level of visual and sound spectacle that linger unforgettable feeling.
Using only simple bamboo props, A O Show makes a rustic yet beautiful portrait, from fishing basket boats, bamboo bridge to hectic modern city. A mix of cirque nouveau, acrobatics and contemporary dance fascinates audiences, along with unique live music from folk instruments and beat box.
Toured the world since 2015, A O Show continues on its journey to spread Vietnamese culture to the world and “conquers” audiences across 4 continents, also art’s lovers in Vietnam.

With Teh Dar, audiences’ emotions are elevated in so many ways as vigorous Central Highlands culture is rendered so wild and real, we can feel the heat of ancient tribes’ fire on stage, with such minimal props and astonishing skills and energy.

The world-class spectacle Teh Dar represents the characteristics of Vietnam Central Highlands. Wild animal hunts, moonlit romance, jungle's tales of death and reincarnation. All are painted in bold strokes of daring bamboo cirque and acrobatics, inviting spectators into an enchanting world with hypnotizing sound of drums, horn, and gongs. Charming ladies in tribal costumes gracefully move, simulating daily village activities. Muscular tribal men play their gongs, inviting participation.

Having a pleasant time with the contemporary work of stage art, viewers will experience not only a deep view of the majestic tribal life but also be proud of Vietnamese culture presented in a new high level.

"Palao" /palaʊ/ in Cham language means letting go and moving forward. Cham or Champa is an ethnic Vietnamese tribe with their own distinct culture and dialect. Cham says “Palao” as a farewell word to young hopeful adults departing on a new life journey, people on a ship to sail, or to those ones that passed away.

Untold stories of Cham, an ethnic Vietnamese tribe, narrated through the contemporary fine arts and creative mix of exotic musical instruments. Cham’s essence is conveyed in contemporary dance language through vigorous body movements drenched with intense emotions. Palao is a wild journey of senses that intended to be an exceptional theater experience.

Our audacious musicians give traditional ethnic music a twist. Recognizable exotic sounds of Ginang, Baranung, Saranai, Kanhi, Shankha, and some unexpected instruments, are mixed with modern genre electro and powerful vocals. This new musical fusion sheds light the urge of letting go and breaking free.

Inspired in the “Palao” spirit, our artists from different Vietnamese ethnicities come together on stage to perform for human unity and share the desire to move forward.